Advanced Architectures for Higher Speeds

The AA4HS Global Headquarters

The Global Headquarters is a focal point for a variety of Scientific/Educational activities involving the practical deployment of high technology.

"Think Locally, Act Globally"

Massively Parallel Computation Center

The AA4HS/AMRAD Massively Parallel Computation Center is now on line. The Center provides users two (2) '486 Linux boxes networked via ultra-fast PLIP technology. Support for PVM and MPI multi-processing environments allows source code developed at other sites, such as the High-Performance Computer Center (HPCC) at Maui and the Army's ARL MSRC, to run at new levels of performance.

Space Systems Division

Facilities at the Global Headquarters and the MPCC support research into GPS assisted space navigation. Through the development of software and hardware for AMSAT's Phase 3D satellite, the Division embodies the "Science with Practice" ideal. The Division sponsers the VEP (Visiting Engineers Program).

Alternative Architectures for Human Speech

Non-human machines speak with a human voice. The Global Headquaters houses a research environment featuring the latest speech synthesis and analysis algorithms. Here graphical manipulation of visualized speech is possible. Out back is a Museum of Talking Machines, including a vintage Votrax unit, a talking calculator and more.

Digital Communications Laboratory

It's all here - from Telegraph Keys to Ethernet, MIDI and AES/EBU, Packet Radio to Internet audio applications. Protocols, Coding, Modulation - choose from a complete library. For signal processing applications, a Motorola 56001 based system is available.

Microwave Communications Laboratory

Wideband FM signals at 10 GHz are produced using Gunn diode technology. Power supply augmented with photo-voltaic array for extended operating times at remote mountaintop sites. The system is also configureable as a CW RADAR, with Doppler moving target detection.

Free Unix Systems Education

Light the FUSE, and explode into action! Why pay more? Become informed, and enlightened. Learn the most effective techniques known in the world. See the future develop before your eyes. Mentoring and instruction is available from the Global Headquarters extension services at a reasonable price (Free refers to the Unix Systems, not to the Education).

The Computational Virtual Laboratory

The computation center also supports a number of software environments for experimentation in algorithmic expression. C and FORTRAN are still useful, but Octave supports a more expressive and convienient means of expressing numerical calculations. The Khoros environment adds many useful tools. Of special note is a library of locally developed tools for handling model-based spectral estimation algorithms.

Lottery Number Services

You can be lucky! Simply send a SASE and a $10 bill to the Global Headquarters, and you will be mailed a customized lucky number. These numbers are derived through advanced techniques, and yield an order of magnitude more luck than other such services. Send a $20 bill and you will get three such numbers - an incredible savings!

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