Guy West, N0MMA

Guy is currently the most distant member of the usual suspects. He moved to the Phillipines in August of 1999. He's currently working as a broadcast engineer in missionary field work for Far East Broadcasting

Guy is an extra class operator. He was the anchor of the radio farm antenna team during the early 90's. Guy moved to Atlanta in 1995, so he's been out of convenient commuting distance for a while now.

When he was in the area, Guy was our antenna-meister, coming up with all sorts of plans for LARGE wire antennas. Now he's working for FEBC helping to put together their re-vamped Phillipines-based short-wave broadcast station. This renovation replaces the still-in-use WWII-vintage station.

Guy and family now have a page on the Far East Broadcasting website.

Here's a look at some antennas Guy works with:

Author: Ron Luse, KX9Y
Last modified: Mon Feb 20 12:41:41 CST 2006