Bdale and Rev A of the GPS CPU Board

Bdale Garbee, KB0G (formerly N3EUA)

For a long time, Bdale's presence at this website was a fine example of guilt-by-association. He struck up a QSO with us as we were mobiling the deathvan out of the Dayton flea market in 1994. The sounds of Doomage in the van perked his interest. He ended up death-matching with the "farmers" that evening. His productivity hasn't been the same since. :-)

However, on the way to Dayton 1998, Bdale finally stopped by the farm for an overnight stay with his wife and daughter. This provided the excuse for an impromptu gathering of radio farmers and their families, complete with food and a suitable assortment of beverages. Everyone had a good time, and the probability is high that Bdale will find a way to wander back once in a while when some interesting activity at the farm coincides with free time on his calendar.

For more about Bdale and what he's up to, go check out his real home page at Garbee and Garbee.

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