I made the mistake of telling Ron that I was taking a FrontPage class and that I intended to knit some of the pictures from my recent vacation in Alaska into a web page.  Ron decided I needed a website now.  Apparently the reason Ron has not updated his own page since April of 1997 is that he spends all of his time making pages for other people.  Apparently, though, it works.  Perhaps Ron should make pages for some of our other pageless farmers and encourage them to clean up his mess.

I did recently spend two weeks in Alaska.  I have over 600 pictures.  But, scanning them in and editing them is very time-consuming.  Besides, I don't think Ron wants me to put all 600 of them up.  So, I still haven't got that portion together yet.  So, bear with me as this site is, as they say, "under construction."  Of course, that just fits the Radio Farm motif.

I've been a licensed Amateur Radio operator, KA7QEN, since 1983 (hard to believe 15 years of Amateur Radio).  Like so many of the Radio Farmers, I received my degree, a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering, from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.  While a student at ISU, I met a fellow Amateur Radio operator, N9PUA, a.k.a. Ron Luse.  I'm pleased to say that that friendship has endured college, three years working together at Norand Corporation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and now two-thousand or so miles of separation. 

I still see the RF gang at the Dayton Hamvention each year and try to get to the Radio Farm every now and then.  Of course, the Internet now makes distant friends seem a lot closer.   

I live in the Portland, Oregon area where I work as an electron cowboy (electrical engineer) for In Focus (nasdaq INFS), a manufacturer of LCD and DMD video projection equipment. 


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