Al Butler, KA0IES

I am an electronics engineering technician for Rockwell/Collins in Cedar Rapids Iowa. I have been employed there since 1981 and have worked on various projects that have involved anything from DC power supplies to UHF radio systems. Even a little bit with fiber optics.

6 years of this time have been spent working at the Application Center located at the Cedar Rapids airport. The work there included assembly of avionics test racks, test stations that were used to test the integration of avionics boxes into a system for implementation on aircraft and installations of avionics on aircraft. The aircraft installations were both temporary installations to test equipment in actual flight along with customers aircraft for certification of systems on their aircraft.

Currently I am working in the On Board Computing group at Rockwell which places data recording computers on over-the-road vehicles.

Some of my interests outside of work include Amateur radio, bicycling and enjoying time with my critters. There are occasional forays into other hobbies and there are always some that are lying dormant. :-)

In Amateur radio my callsign is KA0IES. I am an Advanced class amateur radio operator and have had a license since 1980, I think. I am interested in VHF and UHF operation with a growing interest in the digital modes and radio contesting. One thing that REALLY interests me is HIGH SPEED data. I have not done anything with this yet but this winter should see a change in that.

During the summer when possible there is a bicycle under me. I enjoy either my road bike or the mountain bike. I am a member of the Rockwell Bicycle Club and try to ride with them on Wednesdays during the summer. Weekends during the summer will often find me on an organized ride somewhere enjoying the scenery and the people. The last full week of July will find me somewhere in Iowa with about 10,000 other idiots on RAGBRAI. :-)

My critters are Tazz and Havoc. They are both just your basic cat but they both are pretty good company.

Some of the other hobbies that I have tried out and that are now dormant, for a while, include archery and model railroading.

I can be reached at

Al Butler, KA0IES
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