Some equipment found on the radio farm.

This section describes some of the equipment found on the radio farm. Some of this stuff resembles traditional farm equipment, some of it doesn't. Some of this stuff has unique applications on the radio farm.

[Image of Power Wagon on gravel]

The Power Wagon

or more precisely, an M37. This four wheel drive truck was manufactured by Dodge for military applications. The civilian version of this truck was called the "Power Wagon". Among its "features" are a 24 volt electrical system, a flathead 6 cylinder engine, and a fording depth of 42 inches (more if you get the snorkel kit), a canvas top, and a fold-down windshield.

Its uses on the radio farm include hauling towers and equipment, collecting firewood, dragging assembled towers, pulling down trees, etc. This particular model has a propensity to vapor-lock at the point in your journey where the walking distance to the house is at a maximum.

[Image of trencher]

The trencher

This equipment was made by a small company in Nebraska. Powered by a twin-cylinder air-cooled Wisconsin engine, it tends to vibrate the bones of the operator. Its best to line it up, turn it on, and stand back. This trencher is responsible for the trenches that run between the station and the towers.
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