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Society Mission

The Mission of the Cedar Rapids Microwave Society is to


Our membership is not formal. It is not restricted to any geographical, ethnic, racial, cw skill level, or even license class limits. Our members find commonality in and a strong desire to operate and promote Amateur Radio activity on VHF and above.

Membership is very fluid and in transition but most of the core members are listed here as Radio Farm Members and you will find most of them listed in the Radio Farm Club Document.

Our more active members are (click on name to email or go to their personal webpage):


Station Location and Operational Information

Cedar Rapids Microwave Society geographical location and operational information is:

Special Projects and Activites

Cedar Rapids Microwave Society Special Projects and Activites Page


Occasionally, our group gets together for VHF/UHF contests from the " Radio Farm. We can often be heard signing with our club call, N0MA. Unfortunately, on some occasions we will use a call we have forced from one of our members and we will use it for the contest. If you hear us on the air, give us a call and we would be more then happy to work you.

Here is a list of upcoming contests that the Radio Farm or one or more of our members may be participating in.

Contest and Rover Reports

Cedar Rapids Microwave Society Contest and Rover Reports


We have a dedicated enthusiastic core of "Rovers" ready to activate grids around Iowa and areas in the Midwest.
If your interested in setting up a schedule with one of our rovers you can contact them by email through the following:

"Anything below 1 GHz is just DC anyway"..... N0CIH


You can send your comments by utilizing the mailbox provided.


Ron Neyens - N0CIH

Last Update: March 5, 2002

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