"The document", including list of officers

Radio Farm, where radio, computers, agriculture, and fun come together. Located north of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in grid EN42 among 200 acres of rolling farmland and mature timber conducive to growing antennas. The Radio Farm is the home of Ron Luse, club president and founder. But the Radio Farm is more than just another radio club.

The major activities center around the major radio contests but the fraternity of club members across the country is held together by an internet based message reflector. Any message sent to the reflector address is immediately dispatched to all registered members. Radio Farm also has its own web site at http://www.rf.org. Check it out for stories and pictures of life "down on the farm." Many of the members have connections to nearby Rockwell-Collins or "Collins Radio" to those radio purists out there. This accounts for much of the diverse interests in HF, VHF, UHF and beyond. Computers and software are found all over the property with the centerpiece being a complete VAX 11/750. It makes a great electric furnace during those cold Iowa winters.

The club call was KB0TYF but we held out hope for the vanity callsign ruling, and now its N0MA. Members are located mainly around the Cedar Rapids area but we have members in Colorado, Nebraska, Arizona, Kansas, California, Oregon, and Virginia. We don't hold regular scheduled meetings but everyone is always QRV on our mailing list. Look for us in all the major sideband contests and feel very lucky if you ever make contact with us on CW.

A listing of the club officers is included to show how serious we are about having fun. Nobody wanted to be just a member so we are all responsible for something.

        President                       Ron   (KX9Y) 
        Former Station Trustee          Bill  (W7II) 
              and current photographer
        Absentee Antenna Czar           Guy   (N0MMA)   
        Cellular Interface Chairman     Jack  (K0VAR) 
        Manager JIT operations          Rod   (K0DAS) 
        Director of Welding (and        Bryan (KA0YSQ) 
                artificial sunburn) 
        Whatever Chairman               Al    (K0VM)  
        National Radfarm Representative Mait  (AA4HS)   Virginia
        Honorary member                 Red Green  
        Chairman across the Wapsi       Joe   (WB0YFL) 
        Databook stacking chairman      Jay   (WD9X) 
        Director of Chili Peppers       Mark  (NN0J)    Arizona
        Director of Organization Chart  Chuck (KA7QEN)  Oregon
                Operations Directions 
        Big metal structures chairman   Steve (NA0IA)  
        Chairman below 30 MHz           Bill  (N0LNO)  
        Chairman above 30 MHz           Ron   (N0CIH)  
        Director of unintelligible      Geoff (N0BBM) 
        Beverage Chairman - Outdoor     Chirpy(KC0VKN)
        Beverage Chairman - Indoor      Mark  (KB0NRP) 
        Dayton Lodging Chairman         Barry (W0IY) 
                (lifetime term) 
        Club mascot (post humas)        Buster K9(four legged) 
                                                alias "The Contest Dog" 
                                                alias "The Death Dog" 
        Club mascots                    Sparky, Marconi
        Treasurer                       Bill  (N0LNO) 
        Secretary                       Joe   (N1TIO)  
        Chairman above 5000 feet        Bdale (KB0G)
        Mutual Chairman of Omaha        Keith (NN0H)  Nebraska    
        QSL manager for Zero Mike       Tom   (WE0F)
        Cooridinator of Coordination    Al    (KA0IES)
        Chairman somewhere over the     Lawrence (N0UU) Kansas

Author:Bill Frede, W7II
Last modified: Wed Oct 3 15:26:39 CDT 2007